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Craftsmanship child dream, the team grows together - Interpretation of the corporate culture of Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd.

02 Aug

000 - 副本

Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd, based in Zhejiang, adhere to the concept of "teaching in the fun, craftsmanship to create a dream", to care for children's growth as the first heart, with a unique spirit of craftsmanship and a strong corporate culture, stand out in the toy industry.


Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd. strictly abide by the quality of products, "craftsmanship" into each product development and manufacturing, to ensure that each toy not only to meet the needs of children's entertainment, but also enlightenment, to help growth. Within the company, actively create a "teamwork, common growth" atmosphere, respect for the individual, strengthen team cohesion, so that employees in this environment can be fully developed, but also for the progress of the enterprise to provide a strong internal motivation.

What is more worth mentioning is that the company actively fulfill their social responsibilities, enthusiastic participation in public welfare activities, through practical action to convey love, interpretation of the social responsibility of corporate citizens, deepening its corporate culture.

To sum up, Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd. has built a unique enterprise culture system with the core of caring for children, relying on craftsmanship, taking teamwork as the cornerstone, and taking social responsibility as the leader, and is moving towards a better future with its solid steps.



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