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Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd -- The flagship of professional customization and green intellectual wooden play

01 Oct

Zhejiang TongchengToysCo., Ltd was founded in 2006, is located in "China's wooden toy city" Yunhe County, its has more than 6,000 square meters of modern factories, a total of more than 60 patents certified, and through the FSC-FM, FSC-COC, Germany TUV and BSCI, and other international certifications! It has also passed many international certifications such as FSC-FM, FSC-COC, German TUV and BSCI, etc., which highlight its hard power and environmental responsibility.


The company strictly follows sustainable forest management and chain-of-custody certification to ensure that its products are green, safe and of high quality, and actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility.


Mainly engaged in the development and production of wood products, including Montessori teaching aids, play house toys and indoor climbing toys, etc., with a strong customization ability as the core competitiveness, always adhere to the customer-centered professional service attitude, is committed to creating high-quality wooden toys to meet different needs of the products.



Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd. build unity dream, seaside music spectrum harmony

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