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Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd. build unity dream, seaside music spectrum harmony

23 May

The team members of Zhejiang TongchengToysCo., Ltd. walked arm in arm on the golden beach, they picked up different forms of shells together in the happy laughter, this process not only shows the tacit cooperation between the team, but also means the determination to jointly build a better future of the company.

2月 (3)

Climb the mountain, team work together. The Tongcheng team supports each other in the climbing activities, and does not shrink back in the face of steep mountain road, which fully reflects the team's perseverance and collective strength, and everyone is more closely united in the process of challenging themselves.

三月 (2)

The breeze slowly came, and the cycling team was like a beautiful landscape shuttling through the country lanes. Team members enjoyed the fun of riding, exchanging ideas along the way, and the spirit of friendship and cooperation between each other was sublimated in this healthy and environmentally friendly riding activity.

三月 (13)

In a fierce badminton match, Tongcheng team showed positive sportsmanship and good teamwork ability. The leadership and employees compete on the same stage, narrowing the distance between superiors and subordinates, and forming a more harmonious working atmosphere.


Zhejiang Tongcheng Toys Co., Ltd. exhibition scene: professional style and affinity at the same time

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